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FSG Perspectives Issue #22  

FSG Perspectives #22

  • Small Development: The Alliance for International Corporate Volunteerism
  • The Abbott Fund: A Sustainable Intervention
  • Collaborative Cultivation: Green Sheets for Smallholder Farmers

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Current Issue

Strategic CSR: Creating Shared Value  

Creating Shared Value

  • Shared Not Redistributed: Simultaneously Doing Well While Doing Good
  • Shared by Objectives: Sharing Around Targeted Objectives
  • Shared for Value, Not Values: Sharing Because its the 'Right' and 'Smart' Thing To Do

Previous Issues

Authentic Engagement in Action

Catalytic Leadership: Championing the Interdependence of Business and Society, Shared Value: Simultaneously addressing Core Business Objectives and Major Societal Issues, Unique Capabilities: Leveraging Resources and Owning the Problem, Continuous Improvement: Measuring Business and Social Outcomes

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