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The Pittsburgh Foundation

The Pittsburgh Foundation works to improve the quality of life in the Pittsburgh region by evaluating and addressing community issues, promoting charitable giving and connecting donors to the critical needs of the community. The Foundation pursues five targeted areas for impact - education; economic development; families, children, and youth; disparities in health outcomes; and the arts - and in addition oversees more than 990 donor funds.

FSG has supported The Pittsburgh Foundation in a variety of strategic and operational areas:

  • Comprehensive Strategic Planning: FSG led the Foundation through a strategic planning process that included a landscape assessment, strategy development and implementation - including the creation of program and donor development goals as well as measures of success
  • Cost Revenue Analysis: FSG helped the Foundation to enhance its sustainability by performing a cost-revenue analysis to better understand the costs it incurs in providing products and services to donors
  • Interactive Strategy Model: FSG developed an Interactive Strategy Model that enables the Foundation to understand the impact of potential strategic and operational changes on its long-term sustainability

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